Illuminating Science


Microcosm is a scientific animation studio creating award-winning animation and imagery for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Scientific and Healthcare industries. Specialising in mode-of-action animation, product launches and interactive content for displays and exhibition, Microcosm has worked with many leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Roche, Amgen and Novartis; research and teaching institutions including King's College London and St George's Hospital, University of London; public health bodies including Public Health England; and world-renowned institutions including London's Natural History and Science Museums.


Whether dealing directly with scientists or collaborating with creative agencies, Microcosm regards each project as a unique opportunity to create cinematic animation with the power to educate, inspire and illuminate your science with elegance and accuracy. New creative relationships are always welcome, so please contact us if you would like to discuss your projects. 

Matt Bell, Creative Director of Microcosm Medical Animation has over 20 years of experience as a professional digital artist. Originally trained in photography, he pursued a successful career in interactive entertainment working for clients such as Virgin, Electronic Arts and Nintendo, before ultimately specialising in scientific and medical visualisation. Matt lives and works in the tropical paradise of West London, UK.

Medical and mechanism-of-action animation for the scientific and healthcare industries